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Tulsa Chiropractor Helps Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury Patients

HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab has been helping patients recover and rehabilitate from personal injury accidents and car accident injuries since 1998. Our Tulsaauto accident injury chiropractor is skilled in assessing the extent of your auto accident injury and putting together a pain management and rehabilitation treatment plan that will take you beyond pain to wellness.

A personal injury is an injury to your body as the result of another's negligent or unintentional actions. It may be the result of an auto accident injury or a work-related injury. The most common type of auto accident injury is whiplash which occurs when the head, neck and supporting tissues are thrust violently back and forth or side to side during the impact of a collision. The cervical portion of the spinal column may move out of alignment or the surrounding muscles and ligaments may be damaged. Some auto accident injury victims think they have not been badly injured after the accident, only to wake up weeks later suffering from the neck pain, headache pain, dizziness and blurred vision of whiplash.

Another personal injury associated with auto accidents is a herniated disc. This happens when a vertebra in the spine is dislodged during the collision. It may press onto adjoining nerves causing sciatica in the lower back or pain in other areas of your body. Other car accident injuries include broken bones, knee pain, leg pain and general stiffness and soreness.

Tulsa Chiropractor Offers Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation For Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury

No matter how severe you think your auto accident injury is, it's important to schedule an appointment with our Tulsa chiropractor as soon as possible. We offer same day appointments and can document the extent of your injury and treatment required for any possible legal claims. We offer a no-hassle paperwork process, and can provide Tulsa medical doctor and attorney referrals if needed. Once we diagnose your injuries we'll develop a treatment plan to help manage any pain you are experiencing, rehabilitate your injuries and get you healthy again as soon as possible.

Our chiropractic care can bring your spine back into alignment and provide treatment for damaged tissues in the musculoskeletal structure. If a disc has herniated we may use spinal decompression to move the disc back into place and relieve pressure on the surrounding nerves. Chiropractic care is complemented by our physical therapy services which can help you manage pain and regain range of motion. If you have a neck injury our physical therapy program may include cervical exercises to stabilize the muscles in your neck. For back injuries we have four different regimens aimed at rehabilitating the lumbar region of the spine. We'll also teach you specific exercises you can do at home to regain strength in your arms, shoulders, back, knees and legs.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Tulsa following an auto accident or another form of personal injury, contact our office for a free car accident consultation. HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab is your source for health and rehabilitation after an injury.