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Tulsa Chiropractor Helps Patients Strive for Total Wellness

Tulsa chiropractors, Dr. Drew Lawrence, and his wife, Dr. Scottie  Rae Lawrence, believe that no matter how much pain you feel today, you can feel better again. Our doctors dedicate their lives to helping people recover from all sorts of painful conditions and go on to experience tulsa chiropractorlasting pain relief and wellness. Since 1998, approach to patient care with spinal adjustments, physical therapy, nutritional counseling and weight loss programs have helped patients overcome everything from sports and auto accident injury to chronic lower back pain, headaches, neck pain and more.

Optimum Wellness Through Chiropractic Spinal Care

Our Tulsa chiropractor knows that everybody has the power to heal itself when given the right treatment, nutrition and exercise. This is our philosophy behind chiropractic care: remove the barriers preventing the body from turning on its own healing mechanisms. While many of our patients first come to us desperately seeking help with pain management and physical therapy after an auto accident injury, sports injury, trips and falls, or chronic pain without a clear cause, our overarching goal for each patient is to see them get on the road to optimum wellness.

Spinal health is critical for optimum wellness because the spine is the conduit through which your body's central nervous system flows. Even as your body was developing in the womb, the central nervous system was one of the first things to develop, as it literally controls and directs the function and development of everything else in the body. As long as the spine is properly aligned, the brain can deliver and receive messages through the nerves and regulate all of the organs and systems that need to function to keep you healthy. Life has a way of pulling, tugging and yanking our spines out of proper alignment, however. We trip and fall, sleep on sagging mattresses and slouch at our desks. We lift heavy things the wrong way and can suffer auto accident injury or sports injury situations. We struggle with being overweight. All of these things and more can pull our spines out of their healthy curvatures, leading to pinched nerves, disc problems, strained muscles, and pain all over the place.

Our Tulsa chiropractor wants to help you overcome pain through a multifaceted approach that realigns the spine back into its optimum position to release pinched nerves. When the nervous system is free to regulate everything without impediment, the body can actually start to heal itself as it was designed to do. In addition, through physical therapy, corrective exercises, nutrition and our successful weight loss program, we help the body go from just healing after an injury to a state of deep, overall health and strength.

So if you are in pain today, realize that you do not need to stay there. Our chiropractic care can help! Call us for an appointment for a healthier you.