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Tulsa Chiropractic Services & Techniques

Here at HealthSource of Tulsa our caring and highly-trained Tulsa chiropractor team of doctors has helped many patients overcome car accident injuries, back pain, neck paichiroprator servicesn, shoulder pain, knee pain and more. We do this through a highly-skilled, individualized combination of spinal adjustment techniques, a very effective weight loss program and personalized strengthening therapies. Everything we do here is patient focused with an eye toward helping each person say goodbye to pain and find the pathway toward optimum health and wellness!

Physical Therapy and Weight Loss - Tulsa Chiropractor

Tulsa chiropractor, Dr. Drew Lawrence is trained to administer several different chiropractic spinal adjustment techniques. Dr. Scottie Lawrence focuses on helping people achieve weight loss through the hCG diet. Together they also provide targeted physical therapy for patients who have suffered from car accident injuries and provide pain management for people suffering from chronic conditions.

High-Quality Chiropractic Care

Each Tulsa chiropractor evaluates the needs of every patient to determine which spinal adjustment technique or which combination of techniques will work best. The goal behind each spinal adjustment session is to help move the spine back into a normal, healthy alignment so that nerves pinched by out-of-place vertebrae become un-pinched. This not only leads to back pain and neck pain relief in many cases but can help the person feel better overall. When the nervous system is in proper alignment, the patient can enjoy good health.

Weight Loss Program

Chiropractor Dr. Scottie has helped many patients overcome their weight loss battles through skillful application of the hCG diet. Because being overweight can cause and exacerbate so many preventable illnesses, we put a great deal of emphasis on a healthy nutritional and exercise plan for each of our patients. Our program to help people lose weight for good is successful because it involves a multi-faceted approach. By applying the science of the hCG diet, we can help the body shed unhealthy fat. But, by helping each patient understand and address the emotional triggers behind their eating patterns, we can also help people maintain a healthy body weight for life.

Physical Therapy

This is a critical aspect of our treatment plans for people recovering from painful injuries and conditions. Aside from our in-office instruction and physical therapy, we have a complete set of personalized exercises that we advise our patients on doing at home so that they can continue their rehabilitation and recovery, improve their core strength and range of motion and reduce the likelihood of repeated injury occurring in the future.

Doctors Drew and Scottie Lawrence are eager to help everyone in the Tulsa area who suffers from back pain or neck pain, patients who need guidance for weight and relief for patients with painful conditions. We love helping people achieve pain relief, but most importantly, we love helping them live strong, healthy and pain-free lives. Call us today at 918-398-4273 to find out more.