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Our Tulsa Chiropractors Welcome Everyone to HealthSource of Tulsa!

Tulsa chiropractors, Dr. Drew Lawrence and his wife, Dr. Scottie Lawrence, welcome everyone to our HealthSource chiropractic clinic. We and our trusted, caring staff are passionate about helping people find relief from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee tulsa chiropractorpain, sciatica, headaches and more through our highly-effective, drug-free, non-invasive chiropractic care. We have been serving patients in Tulsa since 1998 and have built a reputation for treating our patients like our own family, helping them on their own personal journeys past pain management and on to total health and wellness!

Visit Our Tulsa Chiropractor for More than Just Pain Management

Pain management is just the beginning of the accomplished chiropractic care offered by our Tulsa chiropractors. For 14 years we have helped our patients recover from car accidents injuries and falls, this is achieved through chiropractic care and physical therapy. Many of our patients initially come in for pain relief, but we help our patients reach overall wellness through preventative care. We aid them in accomplishing their optimum health goals and we help our patients in several different ways address their needs to find what method of treatment works best for them.

Dr. Drew is a skilled chiropractor administering different spinal adjustment techniques in combination with other methods of therapy to create a complete pain relief plan. He gets to know each patient personally, finding out about their condition, and also understanding their lifestyle and how it might be affecting their health. After a thorough evaluation, he is able to determine which spinal adjustment technique, or combination of techniques, will be most effective for that person's pain management and total healing.

Dr. Scottie adds her expertise in diet and nutrition to our mix of healing therapies. Experienced in helping many patients achieve long-term weight goals with the hCG weight loss program, she provides our patients with the coaching, knowledge, support and motivation they need to wellness chiropractorcommit to making lifestyle changes that can dramatically improve their health, appearance, and outlook on life. The  hcg weight loss program has a solid scientific and medical grounding, and as our patients lose weight and keep it off, they have been able to alleviate many illnesses and cut their risk factors for a long list of preventable diseases.

Our chiropractic team is specifically trained to accentuate our chiropractic spinal adjustment work with a comprehensively designed combination of strengthening, stabilizing and flexibility-enhancing exercises. Whether a patient is recovering from a car accident injury, a sports injury, or whether they just want to prevent injury in the first place, we teach patients specific sets of exercises to work on the muscles supporting the proper structure of the spine, the shoulders, the knees and so on, in order to help them recuperate and avoid further injury.

Please call us today to learn more about how we help our patients feel great!