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Your F.A.Questions Answered


“You may still have some questions about the HealthSource of Tulsa Neuropathy Treatment Program. Below I have listed many of the most commonly asked questions and my answers to them. Have a look below and see if your questions are here. These questions and my answers will help you make the right decision about HealthSource Neuropathy Treatment Program” – Dr. Drew J. Lawrence

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1. Briefly, what does the HealthSource NeuropathyTreatment Program involve?

HealthSource of Tulsa Neuropathy Treatment Program is a comprehensive 5-step approach to dealing with the pain and other effects of peripheral neuropathy.  It does this by restoring and boosting circulation to affected areas and then rebuilding damaged nerves in areas like the hands, legs and feet.

2. What are your qualifications to provide this treatment?

Our Board Certified Pain Management Medical Doctor, Jerry Keepers & Board Certified Chiropractic Physician Dr. Drew Lawrence have years of clinical experience in pain management and peripheral neuropathy. This program is tested and PROVEN.

3. Why do I need to take the “7 Point Leg And Foot Neuropathy Check Up”?

Neuropathy is a serious disease and before starting any treatment program it’s essential to accurately assess your condition so that the program can be tailored for your specific needs.

4. What does the “7 Point Leg And Foot Neuropathy Check Up” involve?

This comprehensive check-up will assess your condition in 7 key areas including foot and leg circulation, nerve sensitivity, pain fiber receptors, thermal receptors, pressure receptors, sensitivity to touch and nutritional sensitivities.

5. What’s different about HealthSource of Tulsa Neuropathy Treatment Program?

First, the program combines Medical Doctor, Chiropractic Doctor and Therapist to deliver a comprehensive, hands on treatment for proven results. The system use of the technological breakthrough of the Cold Level Laser, Compounding Prescription Nerve Cream, Niacin leg treatment, Supplementation, nutrition and blood sugar control. Using a little-known but highly effective cold level laser technology, this machine stimulates blood flow and revives circulation in areas of the body affected by nerve damage. As well as providing quick relief from neuropathy pain, this also starts the process of repairing nerve damage to provide long term pain relief and restore well-being.

6. Can’t I just treat myself?

Neuropathy is a serious and progressive illness usually caused by years of malnutrition. In order to get the appropriate care and treatment that’s right for you, it’s essential that you are evaluated and monitored by a properly trained and qualified health professional. Access to our physician’s treatment and protocol and Select Rx prescription is second to none

Once the initial stage of treatment is completed, your long-term recovery and health will depend on you playing a full role with some simple, easy-to-follow lifestyle changes and other actions.

7. Is the program and the Cold Level Laser machine safe? 

Absolutely,100%. Thousands of people have benefitted from this treatment program. All of the technology such as the Cold Level Laser machine has been thoroughly tested and is approved by the FDA.

8. Do the lifestyle changes involve a restrictive diet?

No. The lifestyle changes we recommend are simple and not demanding. Certain changes to your diet are recommended and certain foods are to be avoided. But overall you will not have to “starve” yourself!

9. What about exercise?  I can hardly walk right now.

One of the prime objectives of the HealthSource of Tulsa Neuropathy Treatment Program is to enable you enjoy a full and active life once again. As you recover and your condition improves, appropriate exercise will be recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle to maintain your progress.

10. What kind of results are produced and how long does it take?

The treatment program will vary depending on your condition. Typically, it will involve treatment sessions over 6 weeks, 3 times a week. You may see results almost straight away but generally it takes about 3 weeks to see significant improvement.

11. What about long term relief from the pain of neuropathy?

After the initial program of treatment your physican’s will determine the best course of treatment for you.

12. Where are you located?

HealthSource of Tulsa 3558 E 51st St. Tulsa (SE Corner of 51st & Harvard).

13. What’s the next step?

Call us on 918-398-4273 to schedule your “7 Point leg And Foot Neuropathy Check Up”. Remember, we can only offer 7 of these check-ups each week. So, avoid disappointment and call us NOW on 918-398-4273.