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Low Back Pain

"My major complaint was neck, shoulder and low back pain. I couldn't turn my head to look behind me when backing up my car and I could not sit through church service. I tried pain patches, over the counter medication but mainly I just "put up with it". After just two or three visits I was so much better and I feel great now! I would recommend HealthSource of Tulsa not only for my improved health but also because of the great things they do for their patients" Sandy E., Tulsa

"I was suffering from pain in the left leg and hip that I experienced when I drove or at rest. I feel wonderful now they showed me how I can be pain free for life. I would recommend HealthSource of Tulsa because they helped me!"
Shirley C., Tulsa

"I had hip and lower back pain that prevented me from sleeping well, vacuuming or bending. Before I found HealthSource of Tulsa, I tried exercises and stretching to relieve the pain and then went to see Dr. Lawrence. His therapies and adjustments helped me and I feel much better now. They made me aware of things I could do to help myself & things I should not do. I would recommend HealthSource of Tulsa & Dr. Lawrence because he has proven to me that he "knows his stuff". Everyone at HealthSource of Tulsa is friendly, helpful and makes me feel comfortable." Caroline P., Tulsa

"My mother referred me to Dr. Lawrence & HealthSource of Tulsa because I was suffering from shoulder and neck pain that was waking me up at night. On my own, I tried exercises, acupuncture, pain relievers (over the counter) and hot baths. HealthSource of Tulsa helped me by adjusting my body and relieving old aches & pains and improved my sleep! I would recommend HealthSource of Tulsa & Dr. Lawrence because I believe it is the best treatment I've ever received!" Sally P., Tulsa

"Originally, I came to see Dr. Lawrence because my whole back was out of alignment. I could not do any prolonged standing or sitting, walking or being upright. HealthSource of Tulsa helped me so now I can work again! I would recommend HealthSource of Tulsa because they are knowledgeable and compassionate and Dr. Lawrence and his entire staff made me feel not only welcome by treated me like a friend. Dr. Drew is not only GOOD, he really cares!" Cheryl B., Tulsa

"My symptoms were neck stiffness, pain and decreased range of motion that was causing difficulty when I held my son. I am an active tennis player and I was struggling with my serve. I also had a hard time sleeping and couldn't get my neck comfortable. I tried massage, exercises and ibuprofen to relieve the pain but HealthSource of Tulsa helped me with their therapy, adjustments, education and prevention exercises. I feel fantastic now and I have regained complete range of motion in my neck. I sleep better and I don't have any neck pain at all. If I do have issues, Dr. Lawrence can get me in quickly and helps restore my health. What is not to like about HealthSource of Tulsa. I love Drs. Drew & Scottie & love how much better I feel! I also love that I can get in the same day to get help."
Rebecca M., Tulsa

"I had low back pain that was radiating down my leg and could not bend without hurting. I could only do limited yard work and could not get comfortable riding a bicycle. I tried two other chiropractors and anti-inflammatories but HealthSource of Tulsa helped me with my symptoms, but I was shown exercises to do at home also. the instrument used to help break up scar tissue seems to help me. I feel much better now. I am sometimes free of pain for the first time in one & half years and my pain is minimal when I do have pain. I have more energy to do the things I love doing as I am becoming pain free! I would recommend HealthSource of Tulsa because I have tried treatment with two other chiropractors with only minimal improvements. I have had tremendous improvement since becoming a patient at HealthSource. I like HealthSource of Tulsa because of the way I am feeling and the friendliness of & willingness of Drs. Drew & Scottie to spend time with patients to learn what is wrong in order to help them feel better." Tammy B., Wagoner

"My back was hurting and I had sciatic nerve pain that stopped me from doing yard work. I tried ice, heat and other doctors. HealthSource of Tulsa stopped my back and sciatic nerve from hurting & I feel very good now and not hurting. If they can help me they can help others." Roy R. Pryor

"I had lower back, left hip & knee pain that prevented me from lifting heavier items, squatting or bending. I tried pain pills and stretching but HealthSource of Tulsa got my left hip and knee from hurting so much. I feel much better now. HealthSource of Tulsa have helped me and was on time. It is a nice place and the personnel is great. They work to make my pain less and are all very friendly."
Mary S, Tulsa

"I had lower back pain on my right side and immobility and I couldn't bend from waist, pull weights behind me or sit for long periods. HealthSource of Tulsa informed me of exercising, got me to work on strength and taught me to accept my limitation. They are always friendly with their patients."
Leslie M., Tulsa

"I had lower back pain that kept me from bending over or touching my toes and I had headaches. HealthSource of Tulsa helped my back and head aches and taught me what "normal" is. I like how friendly everyone is. It works!"
Michelle S., Sapulpa

"I came to HealthSource of Tulsa because of neck, right shoulder & lower back pain that kept me from doing every day activities without pain and much discomfort. Sometimes I was hardly able to turn my body and neck to look back when backing up my vehicle. I tried heat pads and avoiding activities that involved these areas of my body. HealthSource of Tulsa helped me by diagnosing , the adjustments and the methods of exercising & stretching which gets right to the source of the problems. I feel GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! I can compare myself to four years ago! I would absolutely recommend HealthSource of Tulsa they did a wonderful result to improve my health, so I will tell others. I love like the clear diagnosis of my problem and explanations, close instruction and monitoring of my exercises and the comfortable & friendly atmosphere." Vinh N., Tulsa

"I had back and leg pain that prevented me from doing sports, walking or standing. I feel better! Yeah! HealthSource of Tulsa improved my range of motion and lessened the pain My body is not compensating in harmful ways any longer. I would recommend HealthSource of Tulsa because you are helpful and you explain what your doing and why you are doing it."
Mike W., Broken Arrow

"I had a sore hip and was unable to get up and down with out difficulty until I came to HealthSource of Tulsa. I tried walking, exercising & hot baths to relieve my symptoms but didn't work.. HealthSource of Tulsa has helped me with their definite schedule and routine of exercising. I have an optimistic feeling of better health & I feel much better now especially with my therapy on the right elbow. I would absolutely recommend HealthSource of Tulsa and we have! their entire staff is so helpful, plus Dr. Drew's treatments. I love the space, Deb's instructions and the person interest by Dr. Drew Lawrence." Johnie D., Tulsa

"I broke my back in 2004 an have had two major surgeries since & I was not able to sleep with out drugs. I have tried ice, heat massage, stretches, exercises and lot & lots of rehab. HealthSource of Tulsa has a different type of rehab that works and their proper adjustments have made me feel absolutely wonderful. The best in years & I don't need drugs for pain or sleeping! I would recommend HealthSource of Tulsa because both Dr. Drew & Dr. Scottie have your full health in mind. I like the friendly kind of people involved with this office."
Russell M., Tulsa

"I had a lack of "pep", energy & stamina along with my slight neck pain and stiffness that prevented me from doing normal work routine. HealthSource of Tulsa helped to get me on a gentle but very positive exercise regimen which is styled to better align the spinal column. The chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis were expertly done from the beginning. I feel much better now & I am encouraged. I have recommended HealthSource of Tulsa because Chiropractic Medicine Rules! I like the successful result, friendliness and professional approach." Donald L, Tulsa

"I had lower back pain going down my right leg before I came into see HealthSource of Tulsa. I tried stretching, pain meds. & crying! I feel 90% better not nearly the pain level I was having. I would recommend because I know they can help you feel more human!"
Linda M., Tulsa

"I suffered from lower back and pain between my shoulders that prevented me from walking normally. I tried to "twist my back to crack it", aspirin, massage and working out. Dr. Lawrence helped me get rid of my pain and I'm able to walk better. I feel much better and getting better each time I come in. I am feeling stronger now. I have recommended because of how I am today. I like all of the improvements physically that they have done for me and loss of the pain that I'm enjoying. Dr. drew you ROCK!!!" Dominic M., Tulsa

"When I first came to HealthSource of Tulsa it for an evaluation then had car accident. My neck and shoulders were very stiff and could hardly move them. Before I came to I tried ice, heat to relieve the soreness. The adjustments I received at HealthSource of Tulsa started the healing process, I started rehab and that helped a whole lot to rebuild the strength in my neck and arms. I would most definitely refer to HealthSource of Tulsa . I have referred my niece, nephew and sisters. The staff here is the best I've ever witnessed." K. Welcome, Tulsa

"I could not use my right had at all after the car accident I was in. I couldn't even not open a bottle or a jar. It also stopped me from doing karate or anything that I loved doing. Also my neck and back hurt so bad I couldn't bend or lift anything the pain was almost unbearable. I tried pain relievers and Icy Hot before I was referred to HealthSource of Tulsa. Dr. Lawrence relieved the pain without any pain relievers. I also can open bottles and jars without assistance. I feel so much better. My pain is gone and I can actually move around and plan on going back to karate soon!! I have energy and feel better overall. I would recommend HealthSource of Tulsa because they really care about each individual patient and their health and they really try to improve their quality of life by making them well again. I like that the staff actually care and treat each patient with the utmost respect."
Jennifer K., Tulsa

"I came to HealthSource of Tulsa because of chronic right shoulder pain that I considered extreme and was going on for years that prevented me from sleeping on my right side. I tried pain killers, stretches that didn't work and would just stay off my right side during sleep. adjusted my rib, continual treatments , stretches and advise on both work and home p.c. usage for posture. I feel AWESOME. after one year of continuous chiropractic care, my shoulder is way better than ever. I can sleep on my right side for the first time in 4_+ years. My regular PCP just recommended physical therapy, so Dr. Lawrence is now considered my personal PCP. I like knowing that I can walk in at any time and they have not failed me." Shelia L., Tulsa

"I came to HealthSource of Tulsa with chronic backache and extreme morning stiffness in my lower back. I tried stretching and lots of ibuprofen. I was not able to wash my feet or even tie my shoes with out difficulty in the mornings. Bending over to pick something up was even difficult. In the short term, Dr. Lawrence has given me relief via adjustments. In the long- term, I have relief by training me on certain exercises to strengthen the specific lower back muscles. As long as I keep up the prescribed exercises the pain and stiffness is all but gone. I feel that my life (ie. mobility functionality) is now pretty normal for my age. I would recommend HealthSource of Tulsa becuase it is all about "the results"
. Ric B, Tulsa